`Chichester and the Isle of Wight from the South Downs`
Jeanne Cortauld (1910-2003)
An Impressionist oil by Jeanne Courtald (of Courtauld Institute connection) depicting a view over the South Downs towards Chichester and the Isle of Wight. The spire you can see is Chichester Cathedral, and I think the splash of white to the left is Chichester harbour. Beyond is the Solent and Culver cliff on the Isle of Wight. I am more or less sure this view is from Trundle Hill.  The broken cloud cover is highlighting areas of sunlight and shadow on the sea and land. Most likely painted in the 1940`s or 50`s, the painting is unsigned but came from the artists studio sale in Pulborough a few years ago. Jeanne Courtauld lived in the area for many years and loved to paint on the Downs. I certainly can do no better than to Quote from her obituary;

Above all, Jeanne loved painting, the "love of her life", as described by one friend. She studied under Rodney Burn for three years as his first pupil — and much later shared a master-and-pupil exhibition with him. She then spent four years at the Royal Academy schools. In official documents, she described herself as 'artist’. She was best known for her landscapes in oils, often of her beloved Sussex countryside, in the classical impressionist school. Whilst her colours tended to be 'subdued’, she was praised for her tonal treatment.. (Courtauld Institute News 2003, by The Rt.Hon. Sir Adam Butler

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The painting is housed in a period 1940`s gilt frame which complements the painting perfectly.

Jeanne Coutauld was the neice of Samuel Courtauld and for thirty years worked in close harmony with three directors of the Institute, Anthony Blunt, Peter Lasko and Michael Kauffmann. As mentioned above she studied for four years at the Royal Academy. She exhibited on occasion throughout her life.

Mediumoil on board  Conditionvery good
 Image size 13 x 9 inches   Provenancefrom studio sale
 Overall size 18 x 14 inches 
Agec.1940-50 PriceSOLD APRIL 2014