Rosamond Plisson (1911-?)
`A French Country Village Square`
A watercolour by French artist Rosamond Plisson depicting a village pump in a rural village square with two women chatting in the dappled sunshine beneath a large tree. Probably done during the period when Plisson was working on the book `Provinces of France - Customs and costumes` in the 1940`s (see below). Double Ingres mount and contemporary black/gilt frame.
Rosamond Plisson (fl.circa 1935-55) was a French Artist and Illustrator. Born in Macclesfield, Cheshire in 1911, her maiden name was Rosamond Wormauld. She was married in 1934 to well known French artist Henri Plisson (1908-2002) who in addition to painting, was also interested in printmaking and illustration. They met in Paris when she was then Rosamond Wormald, at the Ecole des Beaux Arts where she was a student of Lucien Simon and Jacques Beltrand. Together they worked on many projects involving prints and illustrations - one of their best known works is the book `Provinces of France - Costumes and Customs` which is full of illustrations by the couple, and published in 1943 .Copies can still be found today.
After about 1955 Henri Plisson became more interested in ceramics and sculpture, and the joint projects appear to cease.

Mediumwatercolour on board  Condition good
 Image size11 x 8 inches  Provenance signed lower left
 Overall size19 x 15 inches
Agec.1943 Price SOLD 2017