Kathleen Streatfeild A.S.W.A. (exh.1906-27)
`The English Arch at Luz. in the Pyrenees -July 1906`
An outstanding watercolour by Edwardian painter Kathleen Streatfield. Noted mainly for her portraits, this watercolour was probably painted on a European holiday. Wonderful depiction of the clear light bathing the whitewashed buildings, and the contrast between the sunlit trees and the clear blue sky. as fresh now as the day it was painted over a hundred years ago! Very nice ornate gilt frame which is the original with label verso.
Kathleen Streatfield (exh.1906-27) was a portrait painter who became an associate member of the Society of Women Artists in 1909. I discovered during research that she was an active member of the Suffragette movement, and was arrested and imprisoned in 1909 for stone throwing during a demonstration at the House of Commons!
 Exhibited Royal Academy 2, Society of Women Artists 40, Royal Society of Portrait Painters 13 times. Lived in Sydenham, Kent.
****NB. You may have noticed that the spelling of Streatfield in the signature is Streatfeild. She may have used either spelling - the 1910 listing for the RA exhibition lists the artist as Kathleen Streatfeild, other reference books use Streatfield.

Mediumwatercolour  Conditionexcellent unfaded
 Image size10 x 7 inches  Provenancesigned and titled verso
 Overall size17 x 14 inches
Age1906 Price £325